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Narrative Feature | Dances With Films 2023 World Premiere

After AVERY (Harley Bronwyn) breaks up with her boyfriend of seven years when he expresses no plans for marriage in the future, her best friends NORA (Claire Dellamar), DYLAN (Mandie Cheung), MARYBETH (Geri Courtney-Austein), and GILLIAN (Rochelle Anderson) whisk her away to the Wonder Valley desert for a weekend of drinking, drugs, and restorative scream therapy. Their vacation takes a sharp turn when they cross paths with JEREMIAH (Brian Flaccus) and ZACHARIAH (Skyler Bible), demon-worshiping incels who are on a very pressing human sacrifice deadline. When the ritual goes horribly wrong (for the incels), the ladies are left with two choices: find sacrifices of their own, or have their souls ripped out when the sun rises. With only hours to complete an impossible task, the best friends will have to defeat desert psychos, conspiracy theorist lunatics, and the incel cult leader THE SOVEREIGN (David St. James) to survive.

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