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Cassie is the most cheerful little ghoul you'll ever meet. Check back here for updates on horror shorts she's written, including award-winning We Die AloneMine, and He Knows.

Watch We Die Alone here!

Watch the trailer for Mine here!



Written and Directed by Cassie Keet

Jamie's job at a local coffee shop isn't anything remarkable, until he meets a new customer: Claire, a beautiful and spirited dancer. As Claire becomes a frequent visitor, Jamie's scope of knowledge broadens from her likes and interests to her personal routines and home address. Attention becomes obsession, leading Jamie down a dark path that will alter their lives irrevocably.


"We Die Alone is definitely a short film worth looking into. Marc Cartwright and co-writer, Cassie Keet, tackle a potential real-life horror story. Both of their perspectives make for a thrilling, yet grounded tale of loneliness and infatuation. In the wrong hands, such a narrative could feel one-sided, or worse, unintentionally funny. Not the case here. Couple this script with a tense score that never lets you forget who you’re rooting against, and a few surprises at the end that you’ll have to see for yourself, and you have a short worth investing your time into." -- Horror Origins

"Even at 24-minutes, the narrative is multi-dimensional. There is a brilliant twist in the second half that subverts the story from point A to H within seconds. Around that time, a handful of dialogues give away some crucial details, which are hard to be underlined as substantial in the first viewing. It is only when the twist hits you, you rewatch the film and acknowledge the writers’ intelligence in formulating the dialogues. (kudos to both Cartwright and Cassie Keet)." - The Movie Giant

"We Die Alone is a short horror film of 24 minutes but manages to tell a complete story, that is both meaningful, tragic and takes you by surprise. It’s a very rich story that focuses on the theme and topic, creating an enthralling watch. It’s very well-crafted, detailed and well-told resulting in an insightful but accessible theme study driven by the characters.

But in the end, it has even more to offer with a surprising ending that is truly twisted and delivers thoughts that will linger long afterwards. This little gem doesn’t let itself being restricted by a genre, just like the main character doesn’t or can’t conform to modern society.” – Big Horror Guide

“On a deeper level, all the people in [We Die Alone] are in some kind of flux, and as such, it represents familiar aspects of modern life which offer fertile ground for horror stories. People are rootless, or lonely. They lie, or misrepresent themselves online. They want to use professional photos to generate ‘real’ connections. We Die Alone very successfully takes this modern malaise and plays with audience expectations, shifting perspectives and bringing different aspects of the story to the fore; to reiterate, this is a twenty-minute horror film that achieves what many features cannot.” - Warped Perspective, Keri O'Shea

"[We Die Alone] did its job exceptionally in drawing me into its story and characters and left me wanting more... I can’t recommend this film enough." - The Scream Review

“[Director Marc] Cartwright tugs the viewer into a dark, harrowing tale of love-gone-wrong. And what you think you could expect from such a narrative is not it at all. The ending will leave you shellshocked ⏤” Jason Scott, B-Sides & Badlands

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